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          Being professional manufacturer of home fitness equipment since 2000.

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          ABOUT US

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          Our objective: be the best manufacturer

          of household fitness equipment!

          Our value:only for your health!

          About us

          Dongguan Hourgap Fitness & Machinery Co., Ltd. Whose predessor was Dongguan Xinyuan hardware company was established in 1998.And we have accumulated abundant valuable experience and know-hows in the past over 20 years.

           Regarding the location, our company, covering more than 13340 square meters, is located in Dongguan, one city on Pearl River Delta. Moreover, our company is near the entrance and exit of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Freeway, and next to Guangzhou Economic Technology Development Zone.

          Regarding our human resources, there are over 200 workers in our company.About 20 of them are professional technicians, engineers, and administrators.

          Regarding our facility, we are complete with sufficient advanced machines, such as advanced computer-controlled lathes, balance-testing machines as well as large quantities of high accuracy lathes,the Taiwan JY-2025 automatic lathes, and large quantities of 20T-125T stamping equipments, the large-scale generators, and professional automated production lines etc.

          Regarding our products, we are specially manufacturing various kinds of fitness equipment, inclusive of various treadmills, massage chairs, AB lounges, and sit-up benches etc. Moreover, our products which are suitable for not only the old but also the young have CE certification
          Regarding our markets, our products are being sold to European, Middle East, Japan, and Mexico and so on. Meanwhile we are widening our markets in other countries.

          Regarding our guideline, since the established day, our company has been complying with the development guideline: “the first-class talented brains, the first-class management, the first-class technology, the first-class service”. In our soul we embed the objective: “good faith, profession, enthusiasm.”

          In 2008, our company was awarded Dongguan Privately-Owned Technology Enterprise, as one of the thirty awarded.

          Above all, in order to set up a social image better, develop more and better marketing channels unceasingly, expand the market share, widen economic opportunities, we insist on elevating the core competitiveness through enterprise culture .

          Eventually, we are looking forward to cooperating with any other sectors of community sincerely to create a gorgeous cause together.

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