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          Treadmills - Advantages

          Treadmills - Advantages


          Nowadays, good looking is the number one priority in many people's lives. Everyone wants to feel and look fit. The most common  resolution  is to lose weight and the treadmill provides the perfect opportunity to do so. The key to a fit body is regular cardiovascular exercise and the treadmill can play a very important role in this regard. 

          There is many advantage for home treadmill . 

          Treadmill exercise is beneficial for all kinds of people, including high risk groups like old people and pregnant women. Some kinds of aerobic exercise do not suit pregnant women, but walking is always recommended for them and the home treadmill is ideally suited to this purpose.


          The cardio-vascular exercise derived from walking or running on a treadmill helps you to lose extra calories and will help you to lose weight rapidly if you exercise on a frequent and consistent basis. A treadmill adds consistency to your walking workout and you can set both the pace and duration of your session and increase this in order to achieve a progressive improvement over time. A treadmill can also help you to achieve your personal fitness goals from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

          Second ,It is funny to do exercise by treadmill. When walking on the treadmill, people can listen music .watch TV .movice.  it is interesting.  Exercising on the treadmill could avoid breathing pollutional air and UVB and something that could be cause harmful to peoole while walking outside. It is more safely to do exercise at home. If you have a strong motivation and desire, then the treadmill will definitely help you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.


          Most treadmills have an incline device that helps you to control the inclination of your walk, exactly like when you are walking up a hill. On some treadmills the incline can be controlled automatically by one of the many built in work out programs that can control both the speed and incline. 

          Some models have programs that are coupled to heart rate monitor sensors and are then able to regulate the speed and incline of the treadmill in sympathy with the user's heart rate. This feature is referred to as "heart rate control" and can be used to keep the user's heart rate in the optimum "target zone" in order to optimize the amount of benefit derived from the workout.


           If you like walking or have been advised to walk regularly, then the weather conditions outside can create problems. When the weather conditions are poor during periods of rain, wind or snow it makes it unpleasant or impossible to walk outside. With a home treadmill you don't need to worry about the weather and you can continue with your regular exercise regime in comfort and security.


          Working out on a treadmill has advantages that are not available to those who run or walk outside. These advantages include the ability to provide useful feedback on such parameters as duration, heart rate, pulse rate, distance traveled, the number of calories burned. You can walk, run or jog on the treadmill-at whatever speed you desire up to the maximum speed of the machine which on most treadmills is up to 10 - 12 MPH. 

          There are other advantage that  is saving cost. In order to gain any benefit from exercise it is important that the execise sessions are repeated at regular intervals so that it becomes a routine. But frequent visits to the gym can mean a significant expenditure over the course of a year. But if you have household treadmill, you can do exercise at any time you want, no any cost.


          As you can see the home treadmill offers many benefits and advantages to someone wishing to obtain a great cardio workout in order to meet their weight loss and fitness goals. Many people find that when they eventually take the plunge and buy a home treadmill the benefits they get in terms of fitness and overall well being can be life changing.

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